Dogs are universally known as man’s best friend and there’s no point in denying that dogs are loyal to their owner. Bedtime for a dog can be extremely challenging when there are discomfort or changes in sleep pattern, but with strict discipline, you and your pet can enjoy a restful sleep.

Here are the helpful tips to help your dog achieve better sleep:

  1. Establish your dog's sleeping place. A calming dog bed on the floor with extra fluffy cushion and soothing like a mother’s coat can be a great resting place. It provides an extreme security which helps your dog relax. Make sure they have a comfortable place to rest to ensure your dog can have his much-awaited rest and regain his energy. 


  1. Make a cozy and quiet environment. If your dog is having trouble sleeping, give him a warm calming dog blanket to help your pup lull to sleep. It may also help to reduce noise nearby to help your dog drift off in no time.


  1. Give your dog plenty of exercises through various play activities. If your dog is worn out from playtime or a good evening walk, your dog will settle down more easily at your chosen bedtime hours making the process easier for you both.


  1. Set up a routine. Keeping tasks consistent daily helps your dog to recognize when it’s time for sleep. Set up a schedule around the same time each day for your dog tasks, the same applies with his dinner, an early dinner time help your dog feel relaxed leading up to bedtime. Always make sure to give him a chance to use the bathroom right before bed to avoid disrupted sleep.


  1. Don’t share your bed. It’s helpful to your dog to have the same bed every night, so that he will know when it’s time to sleep. It’s nice to have your furry friends sleep and cuddle with you, but sharing with your pet can have a negative impact on your sleep quality.

Keeping these tips in mind and sticking to a nightly routine will lead to more restful nights for both you and your pet. It is important that we give the same respect and care our dog as we do with human beings around us. Undeniably, our dog is the most adorable creatures.

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