Have you ever wondered how to give your dog the best pampering ever? Your pet value most is your time, attention and love from you but, here are the amazing ideas to splurge your little dose of fur ball happiness.

  1. Homemade Meal

Instead of your pet’s commercially-bought dog food, cook your pet's favorite homemade meal. Aside from it will be healthier for your dog but it is also less expensive than the usual commercial dog food he enjoys. There are a lot of awesome recipes that you can grab online.

  1. Massage

Give your most love pet, an amazing massage. You don’t need a certification in order to make this happen, look for some T-touch techniques online and you are good to go. Your dog will surely experience a nice, relaxing massage and strengthen the bond between you.

  1. Nice Bath

A nice long bath is the best choice to help your pet relax. Sure thing, he isn’t a fan of water but believe me, your dog will surely love it. Don’t just scrub them up with shampoo but make a small, firm circles while lathering their shampoo, similar to a massage, it’ll be nice and relaxing.

  1. Bring Them to a Picnic

Spend a nice time outdoor maybe going to a local park near you or somewhere near the river, your dog will surely love the bond and have the ability to explore the area with his favorite person in the world, you can tagged along your family for added fun! Make sure to include homemade meal and treats to make it more rewarding.

  1. Games

Dogs love to play. Playing with their most favorite person is the best. Instead of the normal games you do in the park or during afternoon play outdoor, try something exciting like Hide & Seek or Treasure Hunting. Your dog will surely love the excitement and mentally stimulated making him happy.

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