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Unfortunately, due to ongoing challenges related to COVID-19, some orders may be delayed. We’re working to get orders out as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience!

If you are inquiring about your order status, please allow some time for delivery. 

Here Are The Current Shipping Timeframes:

Orders After July 10th will have 10-15 business days shipping AFTER receiving a tracking number. (Additional 1-2 Business Weeks May Be Present Depending On Postal Location & COVID logistical delays if present.

Orders before July 9th 2020, will be subjected to our old carriers which may take 30-45 business days to arrive. (Please visit our FAQ page for full detailed guide in orders before July 9th)

When Will I Get My Tracking Number?

Tracking number will be available & emailed to you within the next 4-7 business days from your date of purchase, please allow at least 1 business week to receive your tracking number 

My Tracking Number Is Invalid:

Please allow 1 week or 1 full business week  after receiving tracking number for this to work, generally it just needs time to update internally between our systems and third party tracking apps.

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We strongly encourage you to visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS before submitting a ticket for your order, most frequently asked questions are noted in order to provide the quickest solutions for your concerns.


Disclaimer: Please ensure you are contacting the right support team, we have another online store; Calming Pup Designs, for Custom Royal Pet Portraits. If you have ordered Custom Pet Portraits and want to reach out to support team please visit



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