Shipping Delays | Sept 30 - Oct 10 Calming Pup

Hi Furry Customers!

Emily here, CEO of Calming Pup. I just wanted to create this page to inform current & future customers with our current stock & logistics disruption. 

Please note that there will be a slight disruption to our shipping & logistics for 10 days September 30th - October 10th as we are waiting for our next batch of stock/inventory. We have recently upgraded our beds once again with increased plush & fur content for maximum comfort for your furry friends!

There will be a slight few days delay to receive your tracking number (After ordering) or it may take up to a week or two to receive as we will try our best to dispatch all orders as soon as we can.

With this in mind, we are receiving a small portion of the stock in October 3rd and October 6th, with that, we will try to dispatch all orders around this time-frame for the partial stock we receive. 

For the meantime, with this small disruption, we have official rolled out our 60% OFF MEGA sale to ensure your pup gets our latest & fluffiest doggy beds at affordable prices! 

It's a win-win! Small delay for a great reward for your pets!

(Lifetime gift!)

All in all, we hope you can kindly wait up to 10 business days delays (After purchasing) and we assure you that your pups are getting the ORIGINAL CALMING PUP DOG BEDS & supporting directly the founders of Calming Dog Bed Store!

We thank everyone for your understanding and we hope you can kindly allow up to 10 business days delay (which honestly is not so long and worth it for your pups!


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the cause of delay & should I be worried?

We are waiting for our next batch of upgraded Calming Dog Bed inventory which will definitely arrive in October 10th. With partial of the inventory arriving 3rd & 6th of October. 

There is no need to worry, this is just a slight air freight error in which may disrupt our deliveries for few days.  

We do understand you wish to have your items sooner, we do guarantee your pups happiness & comfort once they do arrive! 

How long is the delay? 

Depending on when you purchased, customers who purchased earlier will generally have their orders dispatched first. This is only a small delay to receive the tracking number and we do appreciate your patience!

When will I get my tracking number after I purchase? 

After making a purchase from Calming Pup, you may receive your tracking number on the 3rd October, 6th October or 15th October. Depending on which date you placed an order. 

Average delay may be 3-5 additional days from our usual 4 day tracking given date. 

Can I cancel my order? 

We do encourage you to not cancel your order as this is only a short delay which really will not affect it compared to our longest delay of 3 months during the peak of COVID-19. 

This delay will only be a few days short up to a week & we just wanted to be transparent to our customers as we value our customers even the slightest delays! 

On average, when will I have my item shipped (given a tracking number?)

When you make a purchase around September 30th or early October, please expect to receive a tracking around 15th-18th of October. 

Then 8-12 business days delivery (After receiving a tracking number around the above timeframe)

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We thank you all so much for your ongoing support to our brand and we look forward with overcoming this small disruption! We will do our best to get all orders dispatched as soon as we receive our stock! 

Just remember...

This is for your pups! It's all worth it!


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