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FAQ's - Calmingpup Beds

Yes! Our Calmingpup beds are loved by thousands of dog owners! Delivered as fast as 1-5 days! Definitely worth it!

Calming Dog Beds by Calmingpup helps ease pups anxiety providing an ultra heaven soft pet bed for your pups to snuggle in.

Our Calmingpup Calming Dog Beds are proudly made in USA & shipped directly from USA!

Processing time/Dispatch can be as fast as same day as long as your order fits within our 2pm ET cut-off time frame.

Any orders ordered after 2pm ET is to be dispatched the next following business day.

Deliveries are fast as same day delivery if customer resides in Indiana USA to 2-5 business days delivery!

If COVID restrictions apply in your local states or any logistical issues, please allow additional 2-3 business days for delivery.

Our Calming Pup Beds are proudly made in United States and shipped directly from USA.

Our US Warehouse/Fulfillment Center is located in Indiana. We provide shipment/dispatch as fast as same day if location is in Indiana USA!

Usual delivery time frames may take 1-5 Business Days to other states in the US.

Sizes may vary depending on your pets size and weight. We have made an incredible size chart selector in our product pages.

Simply find your dogs breed and we will do our best to recommend a perfect size for your dog breed.

We always suggest 1-2 sizes larger than your initial choice as we noticed, dogs prefer larger beds than small beds when snuggling in day in or day out.

Our Calming Pup dog beds are unique in quality & comfort! All beds are equipped with extra padding & rounded extra vegan faux fur rims to mimic mothers fur & touch for perfect snuggle day in and day out for our furry babies!

All Calming Pup beds are shipped & delivered from USA and our products are delivered as fast as 1-5 business days with same day order dispatch within our cut off period.

Yes! Our Calming Pup Calming Dog Beds are also loved by thousands and thousands of both dog parent and dogs! Our products are directly made & shipped to USA directly! 1-2 day deliveries to your orders!

Our Calmingpup Beds are machine washable on gentle wash & gentle dry. We recommend hand wash for better results.

Dry in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Calmingpup is only available online. Our Calmingpup Calming dog bed is only exclusively available from this website.

Proudly made & shipped from the USA for perfect quality & comfort for our furry babies.

Returns are simple & easy! These are stated in our Refund or Returns page which you can access at the bottom of our website footer. Alternatively you can click the button below to access the page for Returns / Refunds section.

Click Here - Refund / Returns / Cancellations

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