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FAQ's (Our Response With COVID & Deliveries)

Calming Pup is still open and fully operational across the globe

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During these difficult times, our priority at Calming Pup is to continue delivering goods and services to our customers across the globe.

We know that you may be worried about purchasing our products during this unsettling time. This is why we have created this page to put your mind at rest about our products it's safe in relation to COVID-19.

With new developments emerging fast, we have created this page to share any significant news and updates that may have an impact on how you do business with us.

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What if the virus is transferred over to the product that is shipped to me? 

1. As our products are shipped via airlines, you might have guessed that up at 40,000ft in the air it is a little colder than down on earth. This means that at sub 0°C temperatures the virus cannot survive eliminating the risk of it being carried on your package.

2. All carrier are experiencing some delays in deliveries. International shipments are also being delayed due to bio-tech experts having to ensure no parcels or personnel are carrying the virus. We hope you can kindly understand and rest assured your products will arrive in good faith.

We hope this clears up any questions you had around this subject and we would like to remind everyone to stay safe out there during these unprecedented times.

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Can I still shop online on Calming Pup?

Yes. You are still able to shop online and receive orders as normal. However, our current line of offers are currently all in 60% OFF to help us stay afloat during these difficult times.

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What Is Causing The Delays and What specifically is cause of these delays?
Due to COVID-19, the timeframe of our deliveries has been affected for the reasons that non essential goods can only be flown to the next facility ONCE a week. With PPE (Health Supplies are being prioritized)
This is the number one reason of our delays. Having thousands of orders a day, it can really put the orders in back log when the airlines only allow small batches of non essential goods. 
However, due to the distance between countries, slow postal services, and shipping delays it can sometimes take up to a month or so.
You can 'CONTACT US' or email to assist you with tracking your order.
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Are postage times delayed?

We’re currently experiencing high order volumes and our contact centers and warehouses are busier than usual. Please be aware that delivery times and enquiry response times may be delayed on account of high volumes.

Deliveries may take up to:

15-20 Business Days for new orders starting July 9th 2020.

30-45 Business Days For Orders Before July 9th 2020

(We Changed To Faster & Better Carriers July 9th 2020)

Days due to limited production teams, staff, airlines, flights, new sanitary measures due to the COVID-19.

While the majority of our products are not affected and shipping times are as slightly delayed due to new sanitary measures, some items may have a delayed dispatch or postage time. We advise customers to kindly understand and hope you can still support us! Online Pharmacy


Unfortunately, due to the current rise in prices globally, we are not able to ship any orders outside USA. Please do reach out to us if you have any special orders outside USA so we can assist you with manual orders.

Shipping is FREE to the USA and you can purchase additional shipping service if you would like to skip the line within processing & dispatch.


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Due to COVID-19 lock-downs, our US factories have been affected so our product, shipping & delivery are all affected due to this reason.  
We ship from our warehouses located in the United States, Australia, Vietnam and/or China. So, please expect your items to be shipped separately (if you order more than one item) as we can only ship separate items for each orders to avoid heavy fines/fees from maximum weight limits. 
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We encourage you to not cancel an order, it causes a massive disruption within our automatic order processing software. However, if you do wish to cancel, this is only eligible before 60 minutes of your order as this may have been automatically shipped to the next facility within after this time-frame.
We ask that you please be patience for your orders and we guarantee your love for our dog beds being the original quality and made from love by our calming pup expert designers.
Our Calming Dog Beds are highest quality in the current market with now extra fluff and plush for more comfort! 
We do thank you for your business with us and we appreciate your help with keeping us afloat and supporting the true Calming Dog Bed (Calming Pup) community!
Rest assured, your products will arrive in good faith, however, due to the very unpredictable nature due to COVID-19 restrictions, please expect slight delays. 
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We ship from different parts of the World using different carriers so some items might arrive earlier than others. As well, often times some parcels experience shipping delays while others do not. If you'd like to know the status of your other items, please email us with your name and order number. 
All in all, we truly do appreciate your business and your support during these challenging times, all we can ask is for you to trust us and be patient with shipping due to many new sanitary measures. We hope you can understand as we are all helping each other. 

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How long is the delay for my order due to the current world climate?

If you ordered before July 9th, 2020, deliveries are 30-45 Business Days (Not Including Weekends). Due to the covid-19, we have received limited staff, flights reduced, production times delay so please note about the additional delays depending on your location as it varies on each postal offices.

If you ordered after July 9th, 2020. We have signed new contracts with faster freight carriers!

Deliveries may take 15-20 Business Days not including weekends and may be subjected to COVID delays up to 1 business week or two business week additional timeframe from our initial statement.

We hope you can kindly wait patiently and we promise all products will be delivered in good faith with the highest quality.

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My Tracking Number Is Not Moving! I'm very concerned

Please do not stress too much about your package on daily basis. It is moving well and tracking may be updated when it reaches a certain destination. 

Third party websites (Universal Tracking Websites) may also be a little bit slow with updates as it only tries to pick up data. 

Please note that your order is always moving and please understand that there are currently lots of reasons for delays, limited staff, COVID-19 limitations of working, flights reduced, transit times affected, and so much more.

Please note that after receiving your tracking number, it may take 1-2 weeks to fully operate as we rely on the third party tracking websites to pick information from our internal systems. 

After receiving your tracking number, it may show "Invalid" so we kindly ask you wait it out for 1-2 weeks and please be rest assured it will be delivered within our estimated timeframe.

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We look forward to continuing to serve you. Thank you and we hope you remain safe during this unfortunate times!




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