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Meet Riva! Rescued in 2018

Riva didn’t know much kindness or stability in the first two years of his life. When we adopted him in 2018, he was a highly anxious dog, frightened by thunderstorms, fireworks and the UPS truck. Now, when he starts to feel stressed, he knows that he can retreat to the security and coziness of his Calming Pup bed.

We began Calming Pup in honor of Riva – so other pets that suffer from anxiety can find the same comfortable sanctuary in our Calming Bed and with our other products like the Calming Blanket and the Calming Couch Protector.

We are dedicated to making pets lives stress-free and are always searching for the toys, blankets and supplements that make our pets lives more enjoyable and calm.

We are a woman-owned business based in beautiful Colorado.


Our Mission

We donate a portion of our profits to animal shelters who work tirelessly to help other pets find their forever families.

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