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Β Returns & Refunds At Calmingpup


    Our returns process areΒ easy and free! Please read the following guide in how to initiate a return or refund (If applicable)

    We offer returns and refunds for packages which have been checked by our friendly support team and is eligible for return.

    Our return USA address is:Β 

    4841 industrial parkway, Indianapolis 46226

    Please note, we accept returns after we investigate your issues or concerns, Please do not send any products/beds without our signal to our USA warehouse as this may void your refund/returns process.Β 

    We cannot warrant our products against the damage your pets may or can cause to your purchase of Dog Beds.Β 

    (Your dogs/puppies may get excited and can chew through your pet beds!)

    If you have any questions with how to initiate these process, please reach out to our amazing friendlyΒ customer service team and we'll be more than happy to assist you!



    How To File A Return To USA Warehouse?

    We offer a pre-paid return label service if your claim isΒ ELIGIBLE which will be deductedΒ with your refund. (If Approved)

    $15 -Β Return FEE For orders below $50USD

    $25 - Return FEE ForΒ orders above $60USD

    Refer to refund fee for cancelled orders below***

    We will issue you a refund deducting this fee to provide you with pre-paid return labels if your case is approved.
    Please note** These fees will be deducted by us, &Β we use thisΒ feeΒ to provide pre-paid return label.Β 

    Where Is Your USA Warehouse Located?

    We have an amazing Warehouse based & located in Indiana USA. Returns are easy as 1-2-3! We have easy returns process as long as your reason is NOT for ineligible reasons. You may return your pet beds if it was never used at our discretion so please provide us with aΒ eligible reason with a photo attached in your email.Β 

    PS: If you have used for beds forΒ many days, weeks and months, unfortunately we will not be liable for any damages or defects as the beds we delivered come un-damaged. (We understand dogs can get excited, however, we are not able to warrant our products against any damages pets can cause during usage.

    Address:Β Our USA Warehouse will be given to you once your claim is approved and we will issue you a pre-paid shipping label which we will dedut the fees with your refund (Once we receive it and deemed approved for resellable condition)


    How To Cancel My Order? Refund Cancellation

    Once you have ordered, it automatically gets sent to our next department for packaging, inspection and dispatch. You may still be able to cancel your order if it is NOT shipped yet.Β 

    However, since our tickets are over-flowing, your request may not be received well on time so we cannot guarantee that we can cancel your order.

    As long as your order has NOT been shipped and at the time of getting back to your ticket concern via email has also NOT been shipped. We can offer a cancellation for you.

    It may take couple days to get back to you after we approve of your cancellation as we have to call 3 departments to stop your order and this process may tale 2-3 days and as long as we approve of your cancellation, there is no need to worry, just kindly allow some time and we will email you back with your full refund.

    There may be cancellation feesΒ when you receive your refunds and the fees will be deducted to it automatically.

    Refund Cancellation Fees: (Will be deductedΒ with your refund)

    $20USD -Β  Fee Deducted To Your Refund For Orders Below $60
    $35USD - Fee Deducted To Your Refund ForΒ For Orders Above $60 or more

    This happens because we have may already packed your beds and purchased pre-shipment labels for those amounts and we use them for the loses we purchased from the shipping companies. We hope you understand! These fees do not go to us, but it is done to cover our expense for its pre-shipment process.


    My Dog Has Used TheΒ BedΒ Already But I No Longer Want It

    We do not accept returns / refunds if you have opened your package or have used the dog bed after 7 business days due to logistical sanitary hygiene protocols, we cannot re-sell dog beds in which have been opened/used by another dogΒ specially during COVID-19 strict protocols.Β Β 

    We however can provide alternative solutions to your concerns, a FULL REFUND/RETURN may not be eligible for this scenario of order. Please kindly contact our friendly customer support team and include a photo of your beds and we'll go from there to offer you alternative solutions for your furry babies!


    My Bed Is Damaged My Dog Destroyed It!

    We cannot guarantee if your pet will eat their new dogs, and destroy it first sight or after couple days/weeks of usage. We had this happen and customers reaching out to refund their money for an issue we did not cause.

    Unfortunately it is unfair for us a businessΒ if we provide refundsΒ or returns on a product which have been used and eaten away.Β Unfortunately we are not liable for any damages that are done by our pets once we treat them our beds.

    There is also instances with customers who tries to file for refund/returns when they have used their Dog Beds for many days / long weeks and up to 3-4 months! This is incredibly unfair for us and we hope you can understand that these will automatically will not be eligible as per our policies.Β 


    My Bed Has A Small Hole / Slashed When Opened

    We understandΒ thingsΒ may happen when you tried to open the package, you accidentally danaged the bed or our pets chew on the pet beds while excited for their new bed. (It happened to my dog!) However, since this is a small hole/damage only,Β 

    What we recommend is to sew it back on and a small hole which really cannot be seen from afar WILL NOT affect the total usability and the actual capability of the bed. It will still function as a bed and a hole will not ruin its usability and purpose.

    A simple sew can fix this job or hide the hole with the vegan faux fur and train pups to behave on the beds and only use it to rest and sleep, not to eat on it. We have had this happen to customers and unfortunately we are NOT liable for refunds and returns for such small reasons.

    Our beds all come fresh, brand new without any holes, we have a team of 5 people who inspect it through its dispatch to ensure all beds meet quality and sanitary standards. Shipping beds with small holes is very unlikely, in fact impossible.

    We may be able to help you and offer solutions with your order and our friendly customer support team would be more than happy to guide you with alternative solutions to fix your bed, just submit a photo along with your form. HERE



    I received the wrong size!

    Sometimes your order may be off by few inches or centimetres.ThisΒ normal as the size guide we provide is only a rough estimate based on average. It may be bigger by few inches or small by 1-2 inches etc.

    However, if you believe that you really received wrong sized beds with 1-2 sizes smaller than what you ordered (From Calmingpup) please kindly provide us with tape measurement photo and make sure the bed is outwards not inwards to not cheat the sizes.Β 

    We are more than happy to issue you a full replacement ONLY if approved and investigated which may take 1 week or so as we have many requests we handle, we appreciate your patience and we will make sure it gets sorted.Β 

    Please submit a photo and reach out to us by clicking here


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